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Starting Point

All RF ENERGY's policies and actions affecting shareholders, employees, business associates and other groups of interest are guided by principles of corporate social responsibility. In this way, the company is fully prepared to meet appropriately the demands of modern society.

Our company's goal is to achieve its mission and business objectives as a leader in the energy sector in close harmony with economic and environmental sustainability, as well as the overall advancement of communities to which it contributes.

Sustainable development is a strategic element in our business activity and the company dedicates considerable management capacity as well as financial and technological resources towards achieving it. RF ENERGY?s objective is profitable growth, while creating value for communities, and building energy infrastructure in Greece and other countries where it operates. In short, to ensure profitability and the best environmental and social practices are perfectly compatible.

The company strives to stay in close touch with the demands of associated interest groups and to sustain continuous communication with them, to take full account of their needs in formulating its policies and strategies.