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05-10-2015 Environmental Terms Approval for the cluster of 11 wind parks in Euvoia of a total capacity of 225MW

 The company R.F. Energy Ομαλιές S.A. 100% subsidiary company of R.F. Energy S.A. holds the Environmental Terms Approval for a cluster of 11 wind parks in the Municipality of Karystos of South Evia at the sites Korakovrachos (21MW) Korakovrachos II (6MW), Kalamaki (12MW), Kalamaki ΙΙ (18MW), Praro (39MW), Milza (18MW), Omalies (30MW), Omalies ΙΙ (15MW), Molizeza Ι (24MW), Dexamenes ΙΙ (18MW) και Megali Petra (24MW) and associated road and interconnection grid (underground and underwater)